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Welcome to the place that you can get all the information you need to make a good decision about your deck. Deck Builders Grand Rapids will walk you through the different types of decking we use, the features we can add, and much more.

Are you overwhelmed with options and information? Our deck contractors make it very simple for you. They will help you make choices and guide you along the process.

About Deck Builders Grand Rapids

Have you ever experienced a door salesman who comes to your door and tries to sell you a product that you had no interest in? This is not what you will get if you look up “deck builders in my area” and choose us to do the job.

We are low-pressure contractors. We are focused on helping you to get the deck that you want, not us wanting to do what we want to do. We make it as simple or complicated as you like.

Everybody has a different deck in mind that they want and a different budget to work with. We work with your budget at the forefront of our minds. You can trust us with the finances of your project.

We are a trustworthy team. Grand Rapids deck builders are personable and do a great job of communicating openly. This helps you to trust us with your job as you know the ins and outs of the project and what we are doing.

We are loyal as we put our devotion to our customers. We are committed to your happiness and to the wellness of your home. We make sure that the project we do builds onto the value of your home so that you benefit in more than one way.

Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose us rather than any other deck companies or deck staining companies near me because:

  • We have the experience you want for your deck builders to have
  • We have worked for many years in many different types of jobs
  • The “deck contractors near me” that you find here are filled with years of experience

We have been around for many years helping our customers find and build the deck they have always dreamt of. We use our resources so, therefore, have the best contractors and materials.

You no longer need to look for deck builders near me. Our Grand Rapids deck builders put a large importance on our customers and their satisfaction. We are well rounded in our knowledge and experience.

We have done porch buildings as well and can be the porch builders near me that you may need to look for.

We do not stop there. We also work as pool deck builders. What is a pool without an amazing deck?

We make sure to make the best use of your outdoor space. We take into account what you want to have done in your yard and the budget you have in mind. We make it all work out in a way that you are very happy with the results.

Call your local deck builders today. We will put it all together for you.

What To Expect

Do all contractors work the same or do some do things differently? This is something to keep in mind when looking at “deck companies near me”. For the most part, companies do things relatively the same.

You need to double-check that companies do some very important steps such as getting the permits that are needed. Also, making sure they have a record of finishing the job. Many times customers run into problems when a contractor starts a job and never finishes.

grand rapids deck installers

When you choose us for your “deck construction near me” we do things as they are meant to be. We give you a free consultation to discuss your wants and needs on your deck or porch.

Whatever permits we need to get we make sure to get them. We also make sure that our construction is up to code throughout the building process of our decks Grand Rapids. Our deck installers Grand Rapids are very thorough with the work that we do.

We walk with you along your outdoor space where you want your deck to be. We draw up a design and an estimate that we then present to you. Our deck contractors Grand Rapids make sure you like the design before starting and the finished project at the end.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of materials and brands that we work with to fit within your budget. We do composite and wood decks. If you have something awesome in mind that has added features we can add these and make you a custom deck. We can also do repairs if those are necessary or any staining or painting.

grand rapids deck building

Custom Built Decks

We build custom decks in any way shape or form that you want. There are hundreds of ways we can make a deck custom. We can add custom built-in seating in many ways.

This makes for easy gatherings where you do not have to worry or think about how to make seating work. Adding lighting to the rails, stairs, or deck in any way can be great for setting the mood. Do you want an area to BBQ and cook? We can build that in as well in a beautiful and elegant way.

grand rapids deck repair

Deck Repair Grand Rapids

Deck repairs are done when you have got a part of your deck missing, splitting, cracking, or any other issue. We have the services available to fix these issues.

You must get these repairs taken care of before your problem gets any worse. This will avoid further damage and further costs.

grand rapids deck staining grand rapids deck painting

Deck Staining Grand Rapids And Painting

When doing deck staining we do it in a way that makes your deck have a flawless look. We sand it down and have the right tools and brushes to stain it right. When staining it right it leaves it beautiful and waterproof, which protects the wood.

Another way to protect your wood is to paint it. You have more options when painting it because there are so many more colors you can choose from. When we are your deck painters your deck will look brand new.

grand rapids decking

Composite Decking Grand Rapids

Composite decks are a wonderful low maintenance deck option. We recommend this type of deck if you do want to upkeep your deck.

If you are wanting simple and beautiful, a deck you can get done and not think about again then this is the deck material for you. Composite comes in many different colors to choose from.

grand rapids wood decks

Wood Decks

Wood decking is a great way to get a beautiful and elegant new deck. We make sure to let our customers know that a wood deck will need to have yearly maintenance to keep it protected.

Wood decks wear more due to wear and tear and weather. They can be re-sealed, stained, or painted.

grand rapids deck contractor deck railings

Deck Railings

Deck railings come in many shapes, materials, and colors. We will take a look at the height that we will need for the deck we are doing. We can show you the options for materials such as cable, wire, wood, compost, or more.

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About Grand Rapids

We have breweries all around Grand Rapids. These are very popular destination spots. We also have a very popular zoo, museum, historical houses, and parks.

The population here in Grand Rapids is near 202,000 but with all these neighboring cities the population is about 1.1 million.

We have many large furniture companies. Our economy is based in many other industries as well. This makes our economy diverse.

There are many colleges here in Grand Rapids and a lot of tourism. Our summers get very humid and warm but not hot. Our winters are cold and we get a lot of snow. Fall and spring are rather quick seasons.

  • Wyoming, MI
  • Allendale, MI
  • Jenison, MI
  • Grandville, MI
  • Comstock, MI
  • Hudsonville, MI
  • Rockford, MI
  • Byron Center, MI
  • Coopersville, MI
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a long process to build a deck?

If you are trying to draw up the design, take all measurements, get materials, and build the deck yourself it can be a very long process. You will deal with a lot of obstacles that you may not be expecting. It will take you a long time. It is much less of a hassle to research “deck installers near me” and choose us to do the job. We take care of all the details and get it all put together with ease.

Is the pricing set and stone?

When we give you a bid it will have the details of the pricing. We will have it sectioned out with pricing for materials and labor. We will be nearly right on with pricing. This is unless you choose to add any features that were not in the original bid. We will then go over the price before moving forward with the installation of that feature.

Do your decks come with warranties?

This is a great question as it can save you or frustrate you down the road. Most materials we use for our decks come with built in warranties. If you want to know if we have a builders warranty give us a call. We will give you the details of our workmanship warranty.

How much does it cost to get a deck built?

The cost of materials varies by quite a bit. The cost of wood is going to run lower than the cost of composite. Although, if you compare a very nice high-end wood to a lower-end composite then the prices may not vary as much. Give us a call and we will come to take a look at what you would like to do for your deck. We will be able to give you a much more accurate answer to the pricing of your job.

Customer Testimonials

"The price of our deck was right on to the bid that they gave us. We were very happy because we budgeted for what the bid was that they gave us and did not have to go over budget."

Ashley S.

"The contractors that worked with us were awesome. They explained everything in great detail in a way that we understood. We were very happy with the job that they did and will refer every one of our friends their way."

Taylor H.

"The quality of service we got with this company was some of the best we have ever got from contractors. We were able to ask questions throughout the entire build and they answered every one of them."

Emily R.

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When it comes to finding a combination of materials, style, and color we have confidence that we can find what will fit for you. We have so many options to choose from and have an eye for coordination.

You will find that your choice to choose us is one of the best choices. We are reliable, open, and honest. We let you know what it will take to get the job done and when it will get done.

We do our best and have a great record of finishing jobs in the timeline that we tell our customers. Deck Builders Grand Rapids will not let you down. Thank you for choosing us to work on your deck. We look forward to getting started!

Deck Builders Grand Rapids

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